August 13th, 2016

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This week is all about restocking the larder and sorting things out so that Rosh Hashanah won't be too difficult. It coincide with Conflux this year, you see, so whatever I do has to be doe a few days in advance. I know I said I'd skip Conflux if it happened again, but I'm giving a workshop and (more importantly) a whole bunch of friends need to check up on me. Until they've seen me, they don't know how I am, I suspect.

In other news, last year I was reading NZ SF, because it's been a while since I've done that. I'd forgotten that. I realised that only two of the authors I'd read were Maori. I tweeted that I wanted to find more writers (because with everything I know of Maori culture and NZ, two seemed an impossibly small number) and withing three hours people gave me 28 more names. Some of them I either knew or hadn't realised were Maori or hadn't realised could be classified as writing spec fic. What was really interesting is that the spec fic crowd always gave me the same names, and they were the ones I had initially plus the GoH from this year's NatCon (how I forgot Maria Lewis is a mystery). This is the echo chamber in reality. It produced 10% of what nice people on Twitter found within an hour.

I'm giving it a few more days, because I suspect that the wonderful Twitter people will give me more names. I promised to blog it, because there are a couple of online articles, but no simple list. It'll be a list for commentary and change rather than one carved in stone, because I don't know most of the writers yet and am liable to errors. But it'll be a list. And so far it's 30 prose writers and one who writes comics. And they're ll Maori to greater or lesser degree. And my library list has grown and I shall start my reading immediately after I've finished the Walton.

I'm not reading this for research. It's purely for pleasure.

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My Achievement of the Week is that I carried my shopping nearly 100 metres this morning. I felt it, I admit, but it wasn't til I got home and unpacked that I discovered that I'd been carrying at least 16 kg. Bit by bit, I'm reclaiming my life.