August 28th, 2016

Market morning

This morning was market morning and I replaced my eggs and citrus, but didn't get a lot else. In fact, what I bought was:
- free range hen eggs
- free range duck eggs (2)
- free range goose eggs (4)
- kom fuit (10, but some are for a friend)
- lemonade fruit (1 - the very last one of the season)
- 500g of fresh cheese curd, so fresh it was still draining when I bought it.

Dinners for this week are already cooked, and the rest of it takes care of lunch. I have banana bread for anyone who drops around, and gave away the banana muffins and my Cornish meat rolls.

What are the Cornish meat rolls? They're part of the food used as background to the new novel. Anyone who wants to cook from the food in the novel (and we have a few takers so far) asks and I give them a recipe or two and they blog about the experience. I thought it would only be fair if I did the same, even though I know the recipes already, so I chose one I haven't made in so long that I'd forgotten how. One batch made 4-5 servings. One serving was my dinner last night, and two were brunch for two of us today, and I left the rest with C because I did so very much cooking yesterday that I really didn't need any more.

I won't cook today,for yesterday I made banana bread and muffins using three types of eggs. I ran out of hen's eggs, you see, so used duck eggs, and I had banana left over so I doubled the mixture using a goose egg. A goose egg worked alongside 2 duck eggs and 2 hen eggs and they were amazingly light together. And this is why I bought all three kinds of eggs today, for one goose egg was the only egg left unto me and if I'm in a baking mood, one egg (however big) will just not do.

There is a stall at the market that has sourced goose eggs on a more regular basis than anywhere in Canberra. They're selling them to test the market. It's my service to Canberra-kind to buy enough of them until everyone else finds out and also buys them. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. The fact that two goose eggs cost the same amount as 6 hen eggs and do the same amount of cooking is merely icing on the cake. (I'm not going to eat four goose eggs, alas - two of them are for my mother, because she's never had a chance to cook with them and her life is incomplete and this has to be fixed. It mostly has to be fixed for the look on her face.)