August 31st, 2016

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My cooking spree is almost finished, for I'm almost out of ingredients. I made that purple carrot cake (with pecans and sultanas) and my students thought it was better than their favourite cake from the cafe downstairs. They liked the mandarin cake, too, and my neighbour adored the banana bread (but took home the sad remnants of all the cakes). I' just finishing off cooking with the leftover vegetables. I had such a lot of tomatoes and coriander and a couple of really good red peppers that I was going to make a sauce. In the end, I made two sauces, because the flavour combination of the capsicum and coriander was divine. They were deep red peppers and had a particularly rich flavour, so when I tasted the mix before I added it to the tomato, I decided to leave it. One sauce is cooling and the other has some reducing still to go. This works out very nicely, because I won't have time to shop or serious cooking until the weekend after next.

And now I just need to work my way through my list of things for the rest of today. "Just" is the troublesome word. I woulred solidly til 2 pm and then started cooking and I'm still in cooking mode. i have, alas, run out of things to cook. unless I take the last cucumbers and make a Japanese vinegared cucumber dish, but without the wakame... If I do enough work, then I'm allowed to make it. If I don't, other neighbours will inherit my cucumbers.