September 16th, 2016

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I've been quiet again because I've been coping. Some kind friends gave me the current virus, probably at the party I went to when I came back from Melbourne. It's a particularly nasty one (the virus - the party was totally wonderful) and I was surprised to discover that I didn't get the illness as badly as they did. I know I'm almost over it, but I wasn't sure that I had it until tonight. It could have been something more serious (either my breathing or my heart) and I and the after hours doctor were really relieved that it wasn't. I said to her that I was a bit obsessed with the heart and health right now and apologised for calling her in and she said "You are, but that's OK" and checked my scars and reminded me that I had a major operation and that I should do the same whenever I wasn't sure.

This is actually a big moment even though it's about something quite small. So many people have had pneumonia from this virus and if my heart hadn't been healing properly I would've had all sorts of problems from it. It's a really, really nasty virus. I got it (for there are post-viral symptoms) and I'm almost over it and it has affected neither my heart nor my breathing, except for me being tired and a bit puffy. I still have all the aches, but I can do work through them.

Why is this so big? The Evil Virus of the Winter... and I'm through it. And I had it. And I had it much less than the poor people who gave it to me. I'm miserable and sore and haven't done all my work today, but compare that with young and healthy people who couldn't get out of their beds for 2-3 days and had to take antibiotics. My prescription is panadol, hot tea and things to soothe the throat.

This doesn't mean I'll never get sick again, of course, but it means I can mix with normal people doing normal activities and not have to worry about abnormal responses. This gives me such an extraordinary feeling.

And now I must go back to editing. I am editing my own novels this time, for there will be two more out next year (the last of the sequence with Satalyte) and my editor and I have agreed to get them done early so that I have more writing time. I also have two NF articles to write for next year. I want to do all four things before Rosh Hashanah. If I can, I won't have lost any time through illness this year, and that would be amazing. Also, I'm capable of it, physically, since this is a low teaching period (not due to illness, due to changes in systems). The big reason, of course, is so that my desk is free should other work come up.

If I can edit to p. 250 tonight, I get to go to a book launch tomorrow.

The novel I'm editing is post-colonialist, using history to underpin world building (I tested stuff using it), magic as science and science as magic, and a whole bunch of other things. It's also set on another planet. Satalyte are interested in a sequel and I've said "If it sells." I've got the sequel 80% planned, because it was the other novel I did research for when I went to France to investigate things for Langue[dot]doc 1305. Most of the issues are in the novel ie not explained. They're part of it. The big thing for me is that I did cultural development to make this society Western but with some critical differences. My chief protagonist is female, middle-aged, non-White and has held positions of power. She's got the knowledge and experience to save her part of the world... but will anyone let her?