September 19th, 2016

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No booklaunch for me. Instead, I was unwell. I am much less unwell now. So much less unwell I am that I'm editing and cooking and catching up on various paperwork. Not quite all at once, but close. I want to get my last structural check for this novel done tomorrow night at the latest, so that I can proceed to the slow edit and get it off my plate before Conflux. The first novel is already ready for the publisher - this is the second. I need writing time and getting big stuff done is the best way to clear space.

What I cooked is a Jewish New Year present for myself. It worked so very wonderfully that I doubt I'll have the courage to make it again. This is the problem with inventing recipes and not measuring or timing things. I'll write what I've done here and maybe it will inspire someone to make it. It's the most amazing thing. It looks like rich black soil and tastes... like nothing I've ever had.

First, I took the pith of my citrus peel (I used kom fruit or sumo fruit, but any orange-y citrus that's sweet and very aromatic would do, I think) and pared it until the inside was clear of any white. Then I diced it as fine as fine can be. I cooked it over a very low heat with honey (a nice dollop), cardamom essence (possibly a half teaspoon, maybe a bit more) and lots of sugar. When it was bubbling at the right rate (ie it had no water left), I tested it and it was just short of hard. I took the mixture off the heat and stirred it into about a bar and a half of very fine chocolate (dark) melted. This mixing was the hardest task. I used a mixture of 50% and 82% chocolate, for that is what I had to hand. I then spread the mixture as thinly as I could on greaseproof paper and put more paper over the top of it and rolled the rolling pin over it then hit it many times with said rolling pin. And that's it.

If anyone wants to create an edible garden over the next 2-3 days, I have the perfect soil. I do not know how long it will last. I won't eat it instantly, for it's very rich and the flavour fills my mouth. But I will eat it. I'm happy to feed it to friends who drop in (except I'm almost out of normal coffee, so coffee drinkers would have to drink it with Turkish or Greek coffee, which is, I know, a great strain).

And now I have just a half hour more editing before bed.

I may still be less than myself, and I certainly have bad days, but... I'm definitely getting there. The garden soil and editing proves it.