September 21st, 2016

Wednesday morning (and bits of other days)

My end of term excursion has happened.

My students and I went to a small Doctor Who exhibition. Most of them are not SFF fans, so it was new. Lots of "Who did you say this person was?" Between us, we worked out the Doctors and etc, and they took notes and asked more questions over coffee/lunch and are working on fanfiction. During their holidays. On top of the worldbuilding exercise that will help them with story structure, because they wanted chat more than writing today. The fanfiction was the whole purpose of this excursion.

I had to teach them what fanfiction was, first, which was an experience. Eventually, we got to the bit where I showed them the license statement on my best sonic screwdriver. This led us from plastic models to writers' reality. It's all about copyright.

I didn't give them a great deal today, just the basics of what one can and can't do with the world and characters of another writer. Not historical writers, contemporary ones.

This is where teaching my Wednesday class differs significantly in method from teaching a standard undergrad class. These students can deal with the same level of concepts, but need a bit more time for most subjects. This means that they're writing their fanfiction during the holidays and when we return they'll get a revision of what they learned today, plus a bit more Doctor Who (purely because the good Doctor is the fandom I chose to use as my model, because the exhibition was happening, and it is entirely non-related that at least two of my students are now actively seeking TARDIS backpacks). Next term we'll take issues of copyright one step at a time, starting with the work they will have done during the holidays. That, and more skills for short story writing, will be the main content of the term.

And now my task is to choose between a short rest and preparing tomorrow's talk.

I shall not choose. I will do both, sequentially.

My meeting tonight isn't til 7ish and I finished my big edit last night. I've only got an hour's editing to do today, therefore. Everything will fit, just as long as I don't try reading all the books I just borrowed from the library.

This is what I did yesterday. I finished my structural edit and started writing the extraneous matter (this is a good time, I find, to take notes that will make the cover blurb and other PR stuff easier for me and my editor, because I can see the novel most clearly at this point) and read two and a half of the novels I'd borrowed the day before. I returned them today and purely by chance, borrowed another three. I now don't have to go to the library again til Friday, which is good, for there is no time until then. And on Friday I have to collect a parcel of books from the post office. I get to jaunt! Only a short jaunt, alas, for on Friday I'm serious, serious editing mode again, and besides, I'm expecting at least one visitor.

I need to finish this next bout of editing by Tuesday, for I have to spend a full day at the National Library doing researchy stuff and write it into articles before Rosh Hashanah, and that festival is looming.

Doing only 1/4 of this last year made me tired. This year I still need an afternoon rest, but I'm getting my old work patterns back. It's so nice to be able to finish things in reasonable time!