September 26th, 2016

How To Avoid Me at Conflux This Year - A Guide to Perplex

I have very, very bad news. LJ lost my post when I was doing my final additions. Someone emailed about something urgent and LJ hated me for it. It said it had done a backup, but had only saved the title. I haven't time to do it again. I have deadlines coming out of places I didn't know deadlines could hide. So here's the short version.

Lots of amazing panels. Chocolate. Bad jokes.

Only a couple of panels, but a bookchat about my new novel and his new work with Phill Berrie. Chocolate. Bad jokes.

Possibly a panel. My awesome workshop (from my previous myself who used to teach these things for vast sums of money to People of Moderate Importance). Honey cake. Fan fund auction (ask about going to Helsinki!!). Chocolate. I leave early because I need to New Year.

No Conflux for me, but I'll be at Floriade at some stage, celebrating the new year.

You mostly missed me being rude about Heinlein, Stith-Thomson, baby-sitting, and pushing the work of Hayden White.

PS I forgot the books bit. My new, new novel will be available. You can read The Wizardry of Jewish Women while eating my very own honey cake! (the recipe for which is not in the novel - wrong culinary tradition.) There will also be a single sole copy of my academic tome, at the CSFG table (by request - if someone else requests it, there will be two... but they're not cheap).