October 3rd, 2016

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My gift to everyone for this new year is the menu for last night's dinner. It's the first proper dinner I've done in so very long I thought I was incapable! I was not only capable, I even cleaned the bathroom!! It was a light meal, because most of us were coming from Conflux and I noticed how heavy the food was in the vicinity of the hotel. Vegetarian meant we only had to worry about one food sensitivity/restriction. And there is much symbolism in some of these foodstuffs, so I got the trad stuff in there even if the menu isn't a traditional one.

2 commercial dips and things to dip into them (my lazy thing)
home made challah with apple through it
local yellowbox honey (an amazing honey - a straw-yellow and wonderfully fragrant)
organic new season apples
nahit (my great-grandmother's chickpea nibble)

Soup and bread: a red lentil/tomato/coriander/chickpea/chilli/yoghourt soup, with accompanying home made baby bread rolls

Main course:
Cacik, carrot salad (dressing was orange/lemon/blood orange/ginger), 2 types of home pickled mushrooms, broad bean salad (since broad beans are in season), pickled cucumbers, tomato salad, bean salad
with the two types of bread

My honey cake with variations (since I like making it differently each year) including 4 types of egg and home made preserved peel
sultanas and almonds
home-dried grapes on the stem (those dark red ones you can never find as dried grapes - I wanted to see how they'd dry and... they're addictive)
home-candied peel of my favourite citrus with dark chocolate dribbled all over it (this was everyone's favourite dish, I think)
home made marzipan asteroids (because I was having fun with food dye)

Tea, coffee (except no-one drank coffee, for some reason), pinot grigio