October 6th, 2016

Update on things political

I am being so fair to the Greens and they're failing every step. I spent ages chatting with the handers-out-of-leaflets and they not only couldn't help me with my key issues, they didn't even know that they were issues. On the other hand, I have ringing endorsements (and a detailed background) for another Labor candidate. He's worked on helping people who hurt due to the kind of cultural hate that's becoming standard and that triggered my approach to this election. This was his professional self before he moved into politics. If I want a Canberra without hate, so far there's only one party that's even considered it as an issue, and they've not only considered it, they take multiculturalism very seriously.

I'm still researching and still asking questions. I'm happy to hear from anyone. Right now, it looks as if I might be voting down party lines.

UK bods - our Labor is not yours. It's to the right of yours on many counts, I think. US bods - you have no national equivalent for our Labor. It's closest to the leftish wing aspects of your Dems, however.

This started off as me just wanting to know who might be bigoted against me. I was being very selfish. Now it's become "Who is willing to work for an Australia that won't tolerate any bigotry". I find it very depressing that the Greens tell me "Yes, of course this is an issue - let me think about it" when the Labor people have already thought about it and put in candidates with experience in this area. Speaking as an ex-public servant, one can train pollies in economics and business and government. One can't train them nearly as easily in understanding and compassion, especially when they're moving into positions of great privilege. I want to elect people who already have that understanding and compassion and who are intelligent enough to learn the other things they need.

This is one of those elections when I wish I hadn't brushed away all the overtures to go into politics. I still don't want to be a politician! But want and need are different things, at times like this.