October 16th, 2016

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Today was a nice spring day. We're going back to colder weather tomorrow, I believe, but today is perfect. Not too hot, not too cold. Sandal weather at twenty degrees.

Most of my day will be indoors, but I went to the farmers' market this morning wearing a light jacket and it was such a freeing feeling after the heavy coats.

I bought loquats and kom fruit (the amazing citrus that this year is having an amazingly long season - this is the end of it, they told me today), and fresh new-season garlic and asparagus and sugar snap peas. I also bought shallots, for I have hokkien noodles and chopped mushrooms and duck eggs already in the fridge. Add the shallots and I have three nice meals. I also bought a big bag of broad beans, which I'll shell this afternoon. It's the best year in ages for broad beans, and the farmer has a sister who knows people I know, so we chat about the extraordinary work she does while I select the best pods. I also bought some Italian bread, to eat with the avocados I was given last week, which are now (finally) nearly ripe.

Tonight's dinner will be chicken sofrito (already in the fridge), and broad beans and sugar snap peas and baby tomatoes.

We didn't watch DS9 today after all. We went new season instead and watched Supergirl and The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow and Arrow. I got to bring the DS9 home with me to watch while I shell broad beans and do admin and work on my timelines for a novel. These will take up my whole afternoon, I think, except for an hour when I type things up, for I cannot shell broad beans and watch TV while I type things I wrote a while back. I don't understand why I can only do two things at once. I regard this as distinctly unfair.