October 23rd, 2016

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I've had such a lovely morning. Marketing and superheroes go well together. I've done half my exercise for the day, what's more, which means that I'll get in some really solid work later, without having to break as often as usual.

I managed to get some great stuff at the market, too, and all within my budget.

The kom fruit were supposed to be out of season, as I told the grower when I spied them. He said that this was the last of the last and said that if I took them all, he'd give me a discount. I gave him $10 and we loaded up my bag. I thought it was about 3 kg, which would've meant a couple of dollars off, but I've just weighed them, and it was 5 kg. One can have a great deal of fun with 5 kg of kom fruit. This and the pomegranate I got the other day mean I've plenty of fruit for the week. It also means I get one more time to experiment with the amazing peel. I intend to buy a bit more sugar when I go to the shops this week. The sugar is to preserve it, and I'll mince the peel very finely to candy it and then use it in chocolates and on cakes for the rest of the year. By the time it's gone, I'll've made at least 15 different things with the peel, which adds up to a very good season. It's so nice to have my cooking fu (mostly) back!

I also bought some gorgeous fresh young cheese from Tarrago goat milk, more broad beans (for they're very much in season right now), four types of tomatoes (for I used up all the ones I had in making sauce the other day), some green pawpaw for a favourite pawpaw/lime/chilli side dish (it's supposed to have fish sauce in as well, but fish sauce and I were not made for each other and it's amazing and fresh even without the fish sauce), salad vegies and a surprising number of artichokes. Australia is seldom good at globe artichokes. They're normally either unavailable or so expensive I can't afford them. I bought 5 for $4, however, and a sixth was thrown in by the grower. I shall make a wonderful mess with them and shall steam the hearts and stems and eat them with vinaigrette.

And that's all. I've already shelled the beans and sorted the tomatoes and puta bowl aside so that I can collect the kom peel and process it daily. I've also already eaten the miniature Russian black tomatoes, for I love them so much and they were so fresh they demanded instant attention.

I'm out of excuses not to work. I've had a very, very fine time, however.