October 25th, 2016

(no subject)

Today is the day I pretend I'm one of the cool kids.

I've signed off (and so has the editor!) on three articles for Aurealis. I'm reading poetry with a view to writing an intro. I've agreed to read a novel with a view to cover-commenting. I've agreed to be a part of a possible group of papers with the real cool kids and the paper exactly fits into my current research. I'm introducing people to each other for a whole variety of reasons - all to do with work and fandom. I'm still nutting out timelines for the novel, and will be for a while yet. These timelines will look straightforward to the reader, but they're a total pain to sort out at this end. That's the only non-cool thing in my line-of-sight, though, and it includes butchers' paper blue-tacked to my door, so it has a cool element.

I still have one article to write and some various admin things to do. This is very much an admin week. I like the feel of getting things done so that everyone can do what they need to do, and this is a week when I certainly get to work on that. I have uni stuff to sort, and fiction stuff to sort, and GUFF stuff, and research stuff. Today, however, is the day of the Cool Stuff.