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This week I did a lot of food shopping and was thinking about Richard III’s coronation feast. This morning, in fact, I went to market and bought my sixteenth of a Galloway, with a great deal of help from Kate and Stu. It’s exciting stuff.

It became more exciting when I moved beyond food shopping and into ideas and notes and tidbits about the past for this month's Carnivalesque. Many thanks to ADM for helping me fill this particular basket.

Walahfrid’s hanging out in the gardening section, as usual. I guess it’s a Strabo kind of thing to do, but at least this time Jeff Sypeck’s with him and interpreting. Nothing worse than half-understood gardeners. Maybe he’s hoping his digging will turn up something like this.

Maps are always good, even when they’re on loan and you’re supposed to be concentrating on the shopping list. I like what The Cranky Professor says about edge kingdoms. I don‘t need it, but I want it, so it’s in my shopping basket.

The price tags in this supermarket are can be troublesome. Steve Muhlberger’s always a help, this time on the exact information on the ‘chivalry’ shelf. Modern places might also be a help in clarifying things, though from Australia, Mexico is really no easier to get to than Pompeii.

The shelf containing the crusades is always crowded and people move the labels around and it just doesn’t make sense. Matthew Gabriele is fixing some of the tags, and other shoppers argue with him (of course). Oh, and grab a copy of this paper while you’re thronging. All the talk doesn’t actually tidy the shelf. Kind of like that other section, ‘Feudalism’ (which I'm avoiding like the Plague). Or maybe like archaeoastronomy – how *do* you prove the intent of stone circles, anyway?

Arthurian stuff takes up two full aisles (which makes me happy, as an Arthurianish soul) but today the spot to check is
the Lucius Artorius Castus theory.

Thank goodness the Ancient History aisle is clearer. There are new coin finds there and some new thoughts on Masada. You could fill your shopping basket up without going further at all. And while we’re with the archaeologists, you do need a clarification on Incas in Norway; it means you can return all those Inca treasures to the shop next door. Replace them with pictures of Roman baths perhaps, or of the mithraeum at Brocolita

We've just reached the party aisle. Along with streamers and paper plates are some real treats. Check out Homer Simpson pretending to be ancient (and the Cerne Abbas Giant, being labeled pagan – I bet this means James I & VI was also pagan) - that’s the joy of the party aisle, lots of tricks as well as treats. There are building sets and boxes where things can be reimagined. Ah, here’s another for my shopping basket - one can never have too many modern Viking mead halls, after all. And it’s always good to know that life before vacuum cleaners was less stressful. Also that the Book of Mormon is somehow linked to second century proof of citizenship and that Harry Potter’s Latin is less than stellar (that’s the requisite Harry Potter link out of the way). Carl Pyrdum also addresses the major issue of Medieval underpants. This is haunting me right now, as SCA Life has a post on a different aspect of the topic. Evidence, evidence, wherefore art thou oh evidence? The only piece of evidence that comes to mind is the maggot-ridden undergarments of one, Thomas (never read the lives of the saints). Maybe I’ll get back to the underwear display when there’s more to see, and buy a Beowulf cartoon instead.

One of my least favourite places to shop is the “Look what they’re doing to our past” corner shop. Very utilitarian, but it has a lousy view from the shop window. If you don’t believe me, check out this (or rather, look at it – don’t check it out at the till – it costs a fortune in history lost).

I ought to reclassify this one and send it onto the next host, but Sieyès has always been a favourite of mine and slides from him labeled “Radicabbot” can’t be ignored. Just don’t tell anyone there’s a bit of French Revolution in my shopping basket, please. It’s like the chocolate, and really shouldn’t be there.

Sorry if I left your links out or didn't find them. My basket is chockers and my blogpost too long.

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