gillpolack (gillpolack) wrote,

Nothing to report today.

I hurt, with my usual post-work aches and pains (if you find your genie in a bottle and wish for long life, be very certain that it is not a life plagued by chronic illness).

I put away about thirty of the books lying round and have most of them to go. I've still got one and a half books to read for the Aurealis awards and really, really need to finish them because there will be more next week.

I also ought to work. Not sure I know what work is. All I know is that I do a little of anything and then find myself asleep. I wake up with a headache and stretch and stuff then find myself asleep again. I think the trick of doing too much at an SF convention is not to have the SF convention finish during the most allergic days of Spring.

At least I put some books away. There is now enough space on my couch for two people to sit as long as they don't lean back. I just found a picture of that self-same couch on Trudi's blog, if anyone wants to admire my Anatolian kilim and the company it keeps.

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