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Balancing - the latest blogchain and me

The AW blogchain has a theme this time round. It's all about balance. Everyone else has used the theme to think deeply about core issues to writers and to explore and to think. Marianne, for instance, who was just before me in the chain, talked about how a poor balance in a relationship might lead to excellent fuel for a story.

I don't know if I can be that serious. Yes, life is a balancing act and my life is a gloriously precarious balance. I know this. I deal with this. Right now I'm dealing with the flow-on effects of my allergies being triggered (as most of you know), so I'm aware every single day that life is complicated. Yet, while I struggle with the breathing-thing (my issue-of-the-day), sound like a telephone stalker every time I walk two metres (lots of deep breathiness and a great amount of huff and puff) and drink much senega and ammonia, I have to smile.

Two parcels were mine this morning. My mother sent me a case to help with the latest eyesight issues. She can't give me back my depth vision at dusk and dawn, but she can make it easier to carry the pair of glasses I'm not wearing at a given time. She went to the Black Pepper warehouse the other day and in the parcel was a cute pair of trousers. So my breathing is laboured, but I know I shall look smarter for my class on Thursday!

The other parcel was even more exciting. I have four pieces of material. Two are reproductions of eighteenth century fabrics, one is a reproduction of a 1950s fabric and one a 1920 fabric. I love them so much that two are already prepared for cutting and I want to dump my day's work and start stitching madly. I also nearly went straight back online to get those late 17th/early 18th century reproductions I had lusted after. Alas, I can't justify it. I shall have to simply enjoy the fabric that arrived today.

The other thing that makes me happy and keeps life balanced is a rich life of the mind. A day without something new is a day full of infinite tedium. Today's something new is that Eustace the Monk (pirate extraordinaire) is more known than he was twenty years ago. I am madly hinting to one of my favourite historical novelists that she ought to include him in one of her works. If she doesn't, I might have to do something drastic, like write about him myself. Eustace (despite his name) is very cool.

So my immune system is a little compromised but my post brings happy things and there has been a new discovery today. There's nothing deep and meaningful in this. The closest to philosophy I can get is Pollyannaish: even when things go wrong there's mostly a balance. Sometimes I need to hunt for it a bit, but today is fine.

If I were a nicer person I would have given you the substance of this post in a single sentence. Let me give you that sentence anyhow, just to give you cause for complaint. The older I get, the more I find that it's the little things that keep life balanced: a square of fabric, a square of dark chocolate, a small and joyous discovery.

Except there are two small and joyous discoveries today, not one. I just looked to see who comes after me, and it's Spittin' (out words) Like a Llama. I like llamas.
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