gillpolack (gillpolack) wrote,

The Con whiteboard now says "Paul Haines sends hugs and kisses to everyone" because I'm shy about racing up to everyone and giving them anything more than chocolate.

People keep giving me books. I have an Edmonds cookbook, a fabbo fanzine (Interstellar Ramjet Scoop) and books by some very much-loved authors. Do I read Charles de Lint next, or Tobias Buckell, or Cherie Priest? No, it will be Elizabeth Bear. I wonder if the number of wonderful things people give me is relational to the amount of chocolate I bring? Anyhow, it's fabulous and I am bouncy and happy.

My blogging workshop is.safely over and went well. It turned into an advanced blogger workshop, because everyone already had established blogs.

Liz Argall got applause for her workshop, she says. Do I believe her? She also wants to borrow my skull. She says it will add an element of horror to the proceedings tonight.

Right now I'm trying to play with everyone's mind and everyone is surprisingly resistant. I am doing a stint on the registration desk, I have chocolate. I have bad jokes. And everyone chats as if I belong here. Which I obviously do, at least till 3.30 pm.

The reggo desk is involved in laptop wars. Liz said "Call that a laptop?" snarled at G'eeek and hauled out a Mac.She's also cursing me because she didn't research me and all the other guests have CVs for her to use tonight. Maybe I should lend her G'eeek and make her feel bad about her Mac not being online. What a good idea?

As you might have guessed, this is quiet time. The traderoom is open and trickles of people are arriving. Their burning question is "Where's the food." Then they fade away. They will return in time for the next workshop or for the opening ceremony and then things will really start.

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