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The police (who looked suspiciously like a con guest, a con treasurer and the spouse of a con MC) raided our banquet. Jack Dann was arrested for illegal possession of liquor, but I wasn't. He said it was because I wasn't drinking. I pointed out that it was because I had the good sense to drink cocktails and pretend they were fruit juice whereas he was drinking wine.

Other than this small contretemps (Jack managed to get out of his pickle very quickly) the banquet was indeed splendid. The chef at The Marque did us proud. We're all fat and contented. I'm fat, contented and ten years old, because the Conflux child contingent has officially proclaimed me an honorary child. As long as no one tries to enforce a child's bedtime on me, I'm very happy with this and very honoured by it.

I've started blogging about the banquet preparation and recipes at my food history blog. The ice cream was as mouth-wateringly wonderful as I remembered from the tests and now I have lots of people to back up my opinion. So much was so very good, in fact. People kept coming up to me and saying how very good the chef was, how very good the menu was, how very full they were. I can relax. Actually I relaxed from the moment the canapes were served. Yummy, yummy canapes. The black olive one and the cheese one were particularly yummy and the quantities were generous. The chef is every bit as good as those early meetings promised.

Dinner finished just in time for a round of room parties and I went to the Continuum one. Their theme next year is Galaxies by Gaslight. I need to scrutinise my calendar closely and I so need to get there.

Me wanting to go to Continuum has nothing to do with the Continuum mob (especially Rachel) liking my medlar liqueur. Perish the thought.

On a related alcohol note, what I was drinking while they were liqueur tasting was Chris Barnes' Krupnik. For those who haven't been following the saga, for about three years he has been generously giving friends drinks at various conventions and for three years it has never been when I was there. I was beginning to think he was avoiding me. If he was, then tonight he didn't flee fast enough. As a result, I'm very mellow and happy with the world. Chris's taste in drinks is an important source of happiness at Aussie con room parties, I have decided.

Earlier in the day was the food panel. It's a strange beastie. Wherever it is on the program, it starts with maybe 4 audience members (Peter Strong, the chair, offered to swap seats with the audience at one point, so that they could have the table). Every year people peek their heads in the door and the audience grows and grows until it is respectable.

We had fun. Much learned discourse and much sampling of foods. I brought in Altoids and various herbs and spices (including grains of paradise -every convention I play the same practical joke and every convention I find men who fall for it) and yes, I was evil Gillian. I was almost-nice about Richard I for a moment, and I almost-regret it.

I did some duty on the CSFG table, too. Not a big amount, but almost enough to assuage my guilt about not being able to do guest stuff, plus Conflux committee stuff, plus deal with the health. The health is holding up, albeit a little precariously. If I'm careful, I'll be fine. Tomorrow I have a late start and a bedtime of before midnight, since it will be very busy. I don't know when I'll have time to blog, but give my posts are erratic and strange, this may not be a bad thing.
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