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I meant to post yesterday, honest. I also meant to post one more time the day before. Truly. What happened was being a tad unwell got a bit worse and I couldn't do blogging and having a fabulous time: I made entirely the right decision in sacrificing blogging.

This means you get a longish post now and it will still be only highlights. If you want more depth, please ask Sherwood if her hat worked. If her hat worked, she will know all sorts of curious stories. If her hat didn't work, she knows cons and can make something up and then we will have to try to recall if it happened when we were all trying those cocktails or whether it's fiction. For the record, never take a Sherwood Smith book as relaxing reading for a convention. You will read the whole thing in one gulp and wonder where the sleep went.

Now, where did I leave off? I haven't given you key personal moments yet, have I? My key personal moments were:

1) When the CSFG table organiser came to me very early in Conflux saying "Your books are sold out - we need more." The 'more' was gone within the hour.

2) The Continuum room party. This may possibly be because my medlar liqueur was much appreciated there. It might make an appearance at Continuum.

3) The banquet (of course). Especially the table (whose residents shall remain nameless) that mistook the palate cleanser for the final dessert and had to reconfigure their brains for a cheese platter and two desserts.

4) Being designated an honorary child.

5) Being shot by a plastic dalek (life size) that had taken one of my fellow-children a half-day to blow up. Another fellow-child balanced a 3 foot tall (4 foot tall - you know, I never measured) on her head. I wished I had my camera.

6) Being given a second-hand Edmonds Cookbook (previously a matter of great yearning by me - now a matter of contentment) and a white chocolate sheep by a New Zealand friend. I don't know if it's PC to celebrate a white chocolate sheep given by a New Zealander.

7) Successfully disbursing 5 kg of chocolate and lollipops and toffee. What really funny is that it was Cat who cuased the sugar high among the child-contingent this convention.

8) Discovering that the committee and my various testers make better mixed drinks that the hotel (they did the food brilliantly, but crushing a mint leaf proved a challenge for the bar staff).

9) Finding out who read the graffitti on the winning towel from the towel competition: it said "The Master was here."

10) Making it to the Dead Dog party. I talked more and more and got more and more abstruse, but I got there. For the record, if you want light and gentle conversation from me, you want me awake and alert. If you want me to sound abstruse then 3/4 asleep is perfect.

More about panels and things in another post. I need a something-break. I need lots of something-breaks today. Conflux was warm and friendly and funny, but I'm very very tired.
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