gillpolack (gillpolack) wrote,

I'm trying to find reasons to explain why I have spent the last hour watching clips from the Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre. I am supposed to have done my food history writing and some more novel. Maybe it could be research for one of them.

Food history, for instance. Marie Antoinette didn't actually encourage the eating of cake or brioche or any breadlike thing. Her apparently thoughtless comment was very clear demonstration of foot-in-mouthness and that means ... eating socks. No?

It must be research for my fiction, then. I am going to turn into a very funny writer. I just need to learn some funniness. And maybe spelling. I've already worked out teh speling side of it. Just one word will solve all my orthographical needs: I must learn how to spell 'darlek.' I need to have my characters exchange sparkling repartee while looking like socks and pointing out that 'dalek' ought to sound more like 'dallek'. I need...

I probably need to get some work done. I now have just 45 minutes to write my food history post and write 500 words of novel. Or I could send out a search party for my missing hour and leave myself with no time at all. Then I can steal a Tardis and write my intensely humorous prose with scintillating sock wit before 6.30 on 1 January and I can be ahead of myself and still waste an hour.

Except it wasn't waste. Where else would I remind myself of how to spell 'darlek.'

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