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Cat found me a copy of the CT review. It's a short one and overall positive. Stories that received full descriptions were Joanne Anderton's and Cat Sparks' (not the Cat who found me a copy), and stories mentioned as also notable were by Marcus Olsson, Nicole Murphy and Donna Maree Hanson. The phrase the reviewer uses for the anthology as a whole is 'imaginative gusto.'

Now that Masques writers are chomping on that news, let me tell you about my day so far.

I had my last class for the term and we spent three hours in the Canberra Museum and Art Gallery and one hour in close rapport with food and drink. At the gallery, one of my students said "Gillian, your name is in their brochure" and I said "I had forgotten about that" and we all admired the brochure muchly. I'm the keynote speaker for an exhibition, later in the year.

We were treated to hot drinks by one of the students and then went back to analysing art and Canberra memorabilia with intent to write. The gallery has decided we are nice people, because I was Evil Teacher and made everyone fill out a user survey as a class exercise. The admin will have good numbers for user surveys this week, I'm told.

After lunch, I decided it was time to go to the sales and to use up my gift cards. I still have one for candles and one for Dick Smith, but I spent every last cent of my David Jones' treats. I can now make kugelhupf because I have the right tin. I also have two tiny tins for tiny cakes, a big bottle of verjuice, a smaller bottle of something I knew I needed for 17th century cooking but forgot the name of till I saw it and have lost the name again now (and it's just as well it was on gift card, because it was extraordinarily expensive) and then spent the sad remainder on chocolates. I kept being given more chocolates because they were on special if you bought above a certain amount and each time another one got weighed, the price went down. The chocolates are to cheer me up after the colonoscopy, because colonoscopies are minor in the absolute scheme of things, but they are very trying.

Tonight is all about work, and anime and I think I might just make quince tarts. That's the plan, anyhow.
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