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This is the announcement I've been hinting at for a while. All the stories are in and are suffering the final throes of editing. No writers have yet killed me. Tessa and Kirsten came closest, I think.

The anthology will be out next year and is called Baggage. It's all about the stuff we carry with us, inside us, especially that which we brought with us to Australia. It's such an Australian anthology (with just a touch of New Zealand). It's rather wonderful. I keep reading the stories and thinking "Am I really editing this? Wow."

I'll let you know more when we get closer to release date. Right now, I thought you'd like to know the line-up. In alphabetical order, the writers are:

Deborah Biancotti
KJ Bishop
Simon Brown
Monica Carroll
Jennifer Fallon
Laura Goodin
Y Green
Tessa Kum
Maxine McArthur
Lucy Sussex
Kaaron Warren
Janeen Webb
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