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I knew I'd have a late night tonight (though not quite this late) so I drafted notes as I went today. My notes say that Kaaron Warren won the Ditmar for best novel (which she did - yay!!!). They also say that I didn't win a Ditmar. This is quite, quite wrong. I - and everyone else who worked on the Southern Gothic banquet - won the Ditmar for Best Achievement. I'm really not very good at predicting the future. I am, however, very happy.

It's quite late, so you're only going to get scraps of the rest of my notes. I shall edit out any further inaccuracies.

AussieCon escalators are great fun. You step on, you see a bunch of people going up while you're going down. You say "Hi Chuck. Hi Jason. Hi Kirsten. Hi Gary. Crisetta! Oh..." then you get off, having seen everyone and talked to no-one.

I am good at following instructions. I have accosted Charlie Stross. In my defence, he told me to. John Clute was witness to this. We didn't have time for a proper conversation, though we did say more than is possible when one passes someone on an escalator.

The Borders guy in the dealers' room gave me a discount voucher and told me that Baggage is selling phenomenally. They had to send to the main shop for more copies. "Phenomenally." His word. Also, the manager of the South wharf store told me again how much she likes the book. I like the Borders people.

About 2 hours ago I started saying "I'm having a quite an amazing day." Over and over again I said it. Sometimes I used different words, but I just couldn't get over how astonishing life has suddenly become. This started off the worst of years, but it's certainly turned itself around.

Today's person who was understanding of my particular type of brainlessness was Natalie Costa Bir. How I could not recognise her remains one of life's mysteries. I could use the excuse of my imperfect eyesight, but I really suspect that so much is happening this weekend that my brain is tired. Happily tired, but definitely tired.

I was so going to report on panels today and now I'm so not. Or on anything else. I'll be on the CSFG stall in the morning and shall be nice and sensible from then. Now all I can think of it exceptionally extraordinary today was. Also that the Conflux banquet has a Ditmar. And that I'm feeling very pleased about a whole bunch of other awards and their recipients.
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