gillpolack (gillpolack) wrote,

Ditmar and Aurealis

I'm doing reminders.

If you have a favourite book or essay or anything speculative from this year, make sure that it's been put on this list for the Ditmars, so that people know it's out there (since Ditmar shortlists are created from the number of fans who nominate a given work) and if you have favourite fiction, check that it's been entered by its publisher (or anyone, in fact) for the Aurealis Awards. If you haven't read much from certain Ditmar categories, then now is a good time to start and the list I've linked to is an excellent place to start.

Also, watch Cranky Nick's blog, for last time I did a post like this he disliked it. This year I'm actively collecting adjectives about me from people who I've never met and so I await his comments with interest. I mentioned my own work in the post I did last year, so let me do that now, for consistency. All my published work for 2011 is non-fiction and not eligible for Aurealis. All my personal favourite essays/reviews are on BiblioBuffet this time around. My personal favourites, however, are of pretty limited use, as they are what I like of what I've written.

The important thing is that good work by anyone get noticed. Now is the moment when we all (as readers, as fans) have the chance to make sure the stuff we've enjoyed is a bit more visible. Voting for the Aurealis is done by jury (and the judges are all doing that, right now) and nominations for Ditmars aren't open yet. This means there's still time to make sure that your favourite book or story is up there and being seen. Go for it!

(Bits of this post were brought to you by Evil Gillian - I really need to keep her more under control.)

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