gillpolack (gillpolack) wrote,

I seem to have about ten times the number of messages to do these days. I also have my Annual Report due soon and other paperwork. This means that I've spent the whole day doing this and that and the other and now I get an hour off (because I hurt) and then I shall work the whole evening on the research that was unable to happen while I was doing this and that and the other.

I have given the matter great consideration and I feel very strongly that I strongly deserve spiced hot chocolate, very dark and very rich and very bad for me.

For those worried about the floods, a lot of them have gone down, but not all. We're waiting to see what the next lot of rain brings. I was living in hopes that the next lot of rain would miss us, but my weather aches and the BOM both suggest this won't happen. The longer it takes to hit, though, and the less heavy it is, the less of a problem this region will have. And I would not be downstream from this region right now, not for love or money!

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