gillpolack (gillpolack) wrote,

We have had rain. We have rain again. We will have more rain. I rather suspect this means more flooding.

The good news is that I have a full larder and fridge and even freezer, thanks to the kindness of friends. Donna drove me a cross roaring torrents (well, one roaring torrent, but it was impressively full and we crossed it several times) and she and Matthew and I got thoroughly soaked, as did Donna's and my shopping. The only thing we didn't get from my list was rice. And I was so overwhelmed by how full the shopping cart was that junk food didn't happen. Healthy snacks only, and not many of them.

My grocery money is all gone, and now I can focus on work for I only have top-up bits of shopping today for weeks and weeks. In fact, unless I want rice, I don't even have top up shopping to do for a fortnight: food lurks*.

*I don't know why things lurk this week. It's a bad habit and they should get over it.

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