gillpolack (gillpolack) wrote,

All I want to do this weekend is sleep, with just enough time awake to complain about pain. There are weeks when chronic illnesses rear themselves, and those weeks suck. Not bigtime. There are many worse things than those that haunt my body. And I'm getting work done, regardless. Still and however, the work isn't happy and the body creaks and aches and the fiction is on hold until my supervisor sends me his comments, so I can't take refuge from the pain in an alternate universe.

This afternoon is the time of the Big Paper Sort. This is when I take stock of all my notes for all my projects and I discover just how far I have to go. So far, I have more to do on the Lanagan and on my review articles than I thought (because I lost a lot of their workslots this last fortnight to this dratted pain) but I'm far more advanced on the dissertation. I have all the notes for the Douglass piece and just have to spend a half hour typing and checking, which will be this evening. The Beast is mostly where the Beast should be - I have three big datasets to look at, but everything else is pretty much where it ought to be, I think.

The reason the Big Paper Sort is today, is because this coming week is all about taxes and annual reports. If I have my regular notes floating around, I might miss something crucial for the others. Besides, it was about time I sat down in my comfy chair, with stacks of paper next to me and a flat surface before me and much SF TV informing my interpretation of my notes.

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