gillpolack (gillpolack) wrote,

Today the pain is down to medium pain. I only want to sleep half the time. This means it's time to party...

Actually, I rather suspect it means it's time to do my taxes. No, I can postpone them until Thursday, for I have a brand-new course to prepare for the ANU and that's a bit more urgent. It starts tomorrow and is all about writing novels. The timing is just perfect for a number of reasons. Firstly, I'm up to revision on my current novel and it always helps to teach skills when novel revision comes. Secondly, I'm in hopes that this income will take me to near the place where I can pay all those dental bills. Thirdly - teaching! Students! All good.

I shall make a cuppa and do both my handouts and my teaching notes and then, tomorrow, I can leave early and make my meeting and do two hours in the library on my dissertation. I got the call numbers ready for that , yesterday, for they were hiding in the papers I sorted.

Speaking of paper sorting, I only got 3/4 through the Great Paper Sort. It really was a high pain day: about the only thing I did efficiently was eat chocolate.

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