gillpolack (gillpolack) wrote,

I'm at the stage where I work and do not feel as if I'm advancing. It's dispiriting, and makes a difficult week more difficult.

To combat this, I've made a small start on my tax (the same tax I said I'd do two weeks ago) and piled all the loose papers that need dissecting and, as I dissect them, I file them or destroy them. The tax papers will go into a drawer when I'm done with them. That will be a lot of paper dealt with by the end of the weekend. That and my draft progress report (which was half done, but then this idiot virus got in the way) will clear the decks a little bit. They will hardly make a dint in my actual workload, but at least my loungeroom won't look the way I feel.

So - back to the paper war. And the war against my own body.

And I'm taking some time off tonight to visit friends. Because I can. I'm taking a rather nice tomato soup (with a beef and vegetable stock base) and chocolate truffles.

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