gillpolack (gillpolack) wrote,

The brain is an amazing thing. And my friends are - as so often - correct. My brain is relearning how to process vision and it's linking the processing to the rest of me. There's a correlation between how tired I am and how long I can spend doing things before I need to close my eyes. I can now do nearly 15 minutes on the computer at a stretch, and don't have to wait quite as long between sessions. I also want to sleep less (though when i get tired, it's a complete fatigue).

I still see things in my right eye - I will always see things in my right eye - but I'm getting used to it. This whole adjustment process will take a while, but I'm already at the stage where I can plan work (just off the computer, or in small, small segments). Things like proofreading are going to have to wait a while longer, but I've done a bit of research today. I find this immensely reassuring.

My eye tells me very clearly when it's done for a session. If I don't pay attention I get a bad headache. In fact, it's telling me now to get off the computer. Three paragraphs is obviously my visual limit today, when working on a white background. I'll be back later with your WHM guest for the day.

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