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Today's eye improvements were rudely interrupted by the weather. I did get some catching up of paperwork done before I realised that there were storms on the way, but now I'm back to working at the computer in dribs and drabs. They're longer dribs and drabs than they ere, still, which means to the outside world it looks as if I'm doing stuff. To the inside world, well, it's still one minute on to every ten minutes off.

I made my tomato soup, which turned out to have garlic and spinach and artichoke hearts as well as the tomato. As always when I make soup, I no longer want to eat it. If I still don't want to eat it tomorrow, it will make an excellent spaghetti sauce, so all is well. And I still have a bowl of very soft slow-cooked garlic cloves in my refrigerator waiting for further thought.

The eye clinic phoned and I'm to be at the hospital at 12.30 pm on Monday.

And really, that's everything, because I keep wimping out and resting. It's a very slow week, from that point of view. Thank goodness it's also Women's History Month and my wonderful blog guests continue to give me marvellous stuff. This means that my life is quiet, but you don't have to be bored (but if you want to be bored, then go ahead - I'm generous that way.)

I'm not falling as far behind with my study as I might. This is because I had planned to check out a couple of DVDs soon anyhow - I've brought that check forward and put the book work off til next week.

Early on, I needed to sort out the relationship between SF time travel narratives and the one I was writing. I read a lot of time travel books and saw some movies. I made a note to myself that some of this would need to be revisited after I'd done my first draft of the novel, just to check that I wasn't being daft. So that's been done. I didn't need to see everything - just a bit of Star Trek and a bit of Quantum leap. I made mental notes on what I needed to compare. And I'm fine, and it's done. Although if more time travel narrative magically appeared for watching on my DVD, I would not say no.

The other thing I need to look at is science documentaries. When I was checking popular narratives from this (not for the dissertation at all - mainly so that I didn't contradict popular science narratives without really good cause) I realised I'd have to do a bit of that again after the basic novel was written. So that's today and possibly some of tomorrow.

After that I must see Game of Thrones (ah, the agony!) for Martin uses popular spec fic narratives that bring in the Middle Ages. I know for certain I'm in conflict with these. I want to be able to articulate to myself how I am, and why. This may or may not appear during the dissertation, but it's important I do it. And that's the rest of the weekend, for Conor kindly let me borrow his copy. I also have the latest book from Conor, but reading that must wait.

None of this is core research, but it all helps me make sure my perspectives are where they need to be. And it means I don't lose track of where I am and get into the fug of doctoral depression, which is dreadfully easy to do at this stage, even when one doesn't have eye problems. And - biggest 'and' of all, need capitals - the TV is less harsh on my funky eye than the computer and I can walk away from it any time I need to without losing a second. it may not be nearly as central as the highly technical stuff I was supposed to be doing this week, but it advances things. For this I am very happy.

And, in other not-quite-news, I'm going to a quiz night tonight.

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