gillpolack (gillpolack) wrote,

I spent a fine evening at the Conservation Foundation quiz night. Lots of questions about lizards and trees. The trophy (which we didn't win) was made from a remnant tree that had been pruned under a tree management plan (you needed to know that).

We were next to the bushwalker table and well away from the table of politicians. The Speaker (of the Assembly ie local) was auctioned off to the highest bidding table because apparently he is good at these quiz nights.

My big question is "Why are so many blokes who work on environmental type things called Bruce?" I've met two Bruces this week. Both very nice, and both working in this sort of area.

My question of the day is (courtesy of the Conservation Foundation, of course) "What kinds of eucalypts are native to Canberra and are food for koalas?"

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