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It's that time of year - Australian fans need to nominate all their favourite works if their favourite works are going to be on the voting list for the Ditmars. The Ditmar wiki exists and contains lots of good stuff. It's here: It does not contain everything*, so if you have favourites that are not on it, don't forget to nominate them. You might also want to suggest to the listmakers that they put them on.

The only work I have this last year is non-fiction (the cookbook and all those essays and reviews - some of which are fan writing and some of which are criticism and some of which are both, because I'm Gillian and categories seldom fit me) and I never actually get nominated in those categories, so I won't give you a list of what I've done.

All natural members of Australian fandom are eligible to nominate works. The more nominations a given work receives, the more likely it is to be shortlisted. Everyone counts. Since you count, why not nominate your favourite work? No-one can have read everything this year. 2011 produced so much writing in this tiny little content. So what you read is as important as what someone else has read. Go ye and nominate! Time is short and lists are long and...

And now my eyes have had it (as opposed to the ayes having it, which is Ditmar voting) and I'm off the computer for a bit. It'll be a few weeks before I can work properly, but each day my right eye grudgingly permits me to do a bit more normal stuff, like this post.

*I can't see the history of the Conflux banquets, for instance, which is not even the beginning of the end of the world, since I wasn't expecting to see it

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