gillpolack (gillpolack) wrote,

I've examined my coming week with a close and relentless scrutiny. Two half days lost to medical stuff, two lots of teaching, two meetings, two dinners with visiting friends, two review books and study. Study refuses to pair up and make two afternoons of study or two books or two anythings. It stands resolutely alone, reminding me that it must be done.

Speaking of books, as part of my close and relentless scrutiny, I have denuded my fiction library of its last duplicates. Most of them will go to CSFG people on Wednesday (first come, best dressed - and two are already spoken for) but the two books by Patricia Wrightson were intentional duplicates and are able to be posted to people who need more books by Australian women in their lives. Call it part of my WHM celebration.

If you would like a book by Wrightson, tell me about your favourite Aussie women writers below and I'll haul out the magical purple sparkly sorting hat again. I have two.

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