gillpolack (gillpolack) wrote,

Today I'm paying for yesterday. Not surprising at all, really. This means taht I shall do everything I promised, but otherwise I shall stay off the computer. I shan't start tidying up the remaining things-that-need-tidying (of which there is one more since last night, for a stack of papers next to the desk decided to migrate to the floor) - I shall rest. My right eye has decided it's going to respond to the stress and I'm back to where I was a few days ago with pain and fatigue. Not surprising, really.

My three things yesterday (in order of appearance) were a cold, the eyething and the break-in. There - I've listed them. Now maybe I can get back to normal life? I miss my usual state of overwork. I like my usual state of overwork!

Except I have to rest. I shall balance bedrest with watching Game of Thrones. Game of Thrones is indirectly work, after all. And I can't get to the library to get the next set of books until later.

I should have got those books yesterday, but yesterday was eaten up. I shall apologise to the books when I meet them. I'm up to last checks before the final bit of research, since I rejigged everything when the eye went - today's books are all on the Martin Guerre narrative, just to see how that fits into what I'm doing. If I rest now, I should be able to start reading them later and by the end of the week I won't be impossibly behind. Behind, but not impossibly so.

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