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I've now sorted the very worst of everything and identified some more missing stuff. What did the thief want with my crochet lace stuff? The assessor said that stealing wine is predictable and at least the thief had fine taste - Chambers fortifieds and a Pfeiffers dessert wine. Some things I'll get replacements for, others I get vouchers. I might get a cheque for the remainder - I'm not sure - but only one of the items looks as if it might be outside what I'm covered for at this stage, so it could have been a lot worse. The materials I need to work with will be expedited, and the insurance is going to fix the problems with the curtains and replace the lock on the door. Next week will again be all about phonecalls and sorting, but we're making really good progress.

The AAMI people are really nice. My assessor came straight from Wagga where he's dealing with floods, and he made time to sort my stuff out and then he goes back to floodland (he must handle the region - not a good time to handle this region).

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