gillpolack (gillpolack) wrote,

I'll put today's WHM post up in US time (ie tomorrow morning) and tomorrow's post up later. Today's post requires a bit of formatting and I could either have done it or I could have done work. I so needed to do a few hours work.

My capacity to write and edit and research increases, day by day, but some stuff with deadlines coming soon was getting rather behind and so I made a call. What's odd is that my earlier posts didn't get in the way of WHM - it was the editing. I can do some things fairly easily and other things make my eye work harder and then I get the spider leaping across my vision again. So typing is easier than editing and editing is easier than html and it's all easier this week than last week. I'm making more errors this week, but that's not my eye's fault!

I will catch up with things! What's more, I will catch up with people. I finally managed to book a bus to Sydney for the Aurealis Awards. I shall cheer everyone on with great gusto. That gives me until May to completely catch up with the lost ten days. And I'm already caught up with the Beastly part of this weekend (and last week was a quiet week for the Beast, thank goodness, so it's only everything else that's fallen behind - 'only' everything else!)- and many of my messed notes are roughly sorted - and I have ordered replacements for enough of the Medieval replicas so I don't have to madly improvise my next workshop (well, I do, but less so). I feel a lot happier now that I'm not staggering from crisis to crisis. Suddenly all I want to do is sleep. I haven't had much sleep recently and teh sleep I have had has been full of strange visions (burglary does that, I discovered - everything around me feels askew and uncomfortable).

So, when I wake up, it will still be Saturday (by a twist of the imagination) and you will read what the wonderful Lisa Hannett has to say!

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