gillpolack (gillpolack) wrote,

This morning is another of those mornings where the last little while catches up. I did too much yesterday (but oh, it was worth it!) and I didn't sleep much last night (I dreamed of various threats - these dreams will pass when they're ready) and I'm not where I want to be with almost anything.

I was feeling sorry for myself until I was dressed (feeling sorry for oneself is such a waste of energy, especially when there isn't much energy in the overall package) and then I realised: I don't go back to the hospital for checking until next week. Today I get to have coffee with two dear friends. And another has threatened coffee later in the week.

Friends got me through last week and the week before and it seems that friends are getting me through this week. I am very, very fortunate in my friends.

Also, I shan't do quite as much today. I was so chuffed about my eye behaving a bit better that I forgot that the rest of my body needed a bit of attention. That's the trouble with crises, one forgets the chronic illnesses. Still, I crossed things off lists yesterday. And I shall cross things off lists today. And - in a mere ten minutes - friends!

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