gillpolack (gillpolack) wrote,

The burglary just keeps on keeping on - it has an especially long-life battery. What looked like minor damage to the curtains (when they were dragged open - two lots of curtains) turns out to be unfixable. And the firm I got my teaching backpack from don't make them right now (wrong time of year, I suspect) - I shall give Nicole back hers and use tote bags until they *do* make them again, I think. And... and... lots more ands.

I've reached the stage where sorting out what's wrong and right is seguing into cleaning for Passover. This week was so not the week I'd planned for this. I have bought my last bread before Passover and bought my last everything except Pesachtic food and milk. At least my place will be beautiful by the end of it.

Things are improving and they will improve more. Right now, though, I'm beyond tired and can't think that far. I think this calls for a night-mostly-off.

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