gillpolack (gillpolack) wrote,

I started this morning by being edited. This means that there will be a new BiblioBuffet piece on Sunday (Us-time) or Monday (Australian East Coast time). It also means that I've started the day very nicely.

I'm going to continue it nicely, too, for a pair of wonderful friends has decided that my life will be easier if they take me shopping for Pesachtic food. They're right - it will be. Easier and more pleasant, for I get to spend an hour with friends this morning, before hunkering down to work for the day.

Last night I cleared and cleaned a section of the fridge, ready to be occupied and made them some cakes.

I'm beginning to feel a bit festive! I wonder if the one kosher for Passover bit of supermarket in this city (which has only just got anything in, and may not have received deliveries of refrigerated goods yet) will have chocolate covered matzah? If they do, I wonder if I shall have the courage to buy it?

A week ago I'd given my festive season up as a lost cause. Now it's all happening. Life is but a roller coaster ride.

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