gillpolack (gillpolack) wrote,

My Passover shopping is done, insofar as it is possible. Refrigerated goods have not yet been delivered to Coles Manuka, nor has chocolate, nor has wine, nor has meat. I can use grapejuice instead of wine and I have already sorted alternates for cheese. I've decided to rejoice in multiculturalism and have halal meat, which I can pick up in Mawson on Wednesday.

All I need is to source kosher for Passover edelbitter, which is one of the joys in my Jewish year and which I don't want to miss. Chocolate covered matzah was always a bit of a dream - I don't need it and only 3/4 want it, but I totally adore kosher for Passover dark chocolate and don't want to do without. If I could get some of that chocolate and a bottle of the sweet concord wine for the seder and for charoset, then I'd be quite fine. Even without them, though, Passover is doable.

I do find it strange that I can get kosher for Passover potato chips and that the matzah was on sale, but that I can't get wine. Still, I have most essentials. And chestnuts. For chestnuts came into season early and I bought some to console myself for the totally strange Passover selection.

I should put my shopping away and do something about lunch. Should. Ought to. Which requires moving.

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