gillpolack (gillpolack) wrote,

Women's History Month

I've had such a wonderful WHM celebration. Thank you, everyone, for being part of it.

Just in case you missed a post by a favourite author, I'm listing them alphabetically by first name. I was going to write a couple of posts myself, to fill in gaps, but there were no gaps. It was a very fine month. Lots of writers I love remembered by other writers I love, all that gorgeous art and music... maybe I'll do this again next year.

Alma Alexander

Angela Slatter

Anita Heiss

Deborah Biancotti

Deborah Kalin

Delia Sherman

Donna Maree Hanson

Elizabeth Chadwick

Felicity Pulman

Jack Dann

Joanne Anderton

Kaaron Warren

Karen Simpson Nikakis

Kari Sperring

Kate Forsyth

Kay Kenyon

Kylie Chan

Laura Goodin

Lisa Hannett

Lucy Sussex

Marty Young

Mary Victoria

Nicole Murphy

RJ Astruc

Russell Farr

Samantha Faulkner

Simone Penkethman

Sue Bursztynski

Sue Isle

Thersa Matsuura

Thoraiya Dyer

Trent Jamieson
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