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I can't work out if my last book for the day is something that ought to transform my research forever or is so off-base that I should just ignore it. I am taking yasminke's advice and giving up on work until tomorrow. I can't go without doing something to justify my existence, however, so I shall give you some links:

I wrote a guest post

Anna Tambour was going to give me a post for WHM, but, she says "But I think that instead, I would rather your readers see a column by Marcus Ng, on zhaitang. And what are they? It's all explained here:
"Many of these solitary women migrants came to live together in zhaitang, which drew upon a strain of independence with roots in a 19th-century movement in the Shunde district of Guangdong, whereby girls refused the captivity of traditional marriage and organised themselves into self-sustaining collectives." "

And, finally, did I link to this week's BiblioBuffet*?

That's not nearly enough links. If any of you have websites you feel are worth a look, feel free to share them in the comments.

On a final note - does anyone want an open question period? April is a questioning kind of month, and I'm willing to have one if there is a need for it.

*I have trained my column so it's the URL that appears when I type 'book' into my browser. There are possibly more useful things I could have done with my time that day.
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