gillpolack (gillpolack) wrote,

After great consideration and much deep pondering sleep is the only real option tonight. This is because the consideration and pondering keep being shoved aside by my brain saying "Yeah, tired." Right now I can't even get tags on Twitter right, much less anything resembling work.

Tomorrow is soon enough to sort things out. Not even very early tomorrow, for I'm leaving my alarm clock in my handbag where it can't wake me up. I shall explain very carefully to the earth underneath that it need not feel obliged to quake, and to my body that the aches can go. Most of this fatigue and pain is the aftermath of all that anaesthetic still. This is why I'm not taking it very seriously. I want it to go, though, and so I shall sleep.

If I say it often enough I might stop yawning for long enough to stand up and work out where my bedroom is.

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